Color Analyst, Personal Stylist

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Since we can’t be together right now, I’ve created an at home, Personal Style session that I can tailor to your needs.


On your Personal Style day, you will discover how both your body architecture and your personality inform the clothing styles and fits that will look best on you.  At House of Colour, we know that authenticity is a key part of creating the wardrobe that reflects who you are. 


Looking great on the outside is powerful, but FEELING great knowing that your clothes and style are accurately reflecting who you are on the inside is where the magic happens.  


Perhaps you want help understanding what clothes and shapes are ideal for your body type.  Maybe you want to make online shopping easier so you can spot the right pieces for you with confidence.  Or maybe you’ve been cleaning out your closet and you have no idea what to get rid of or what to keep. You’re not alone, I’m here to help.


Get ready, this is going to be FUN!


The appointment is $265 and is divided into two 1.5 hour sessions.


Here are a few features:


· You will learn the shapes and styles that naturally flatter your body’s unique architecture AND that fit your personal likes and personality. 

· You will be given a “clothing personality” which will help you better choose elements such as patterns, texture, and style details that go together to create an authentic signature style.

· You will learn how to ensure your wardrobe delivers a return on your investment.

· You’ll be able to filter through the latest fashion to confidently recognize what suits you. 

Contact me today to schedule your virtual style analysis.